Car Transponder Keys By Mobile Locksmith Gold Coast

If you’re wondering what car transponder keys are, they’re basically electronic car keys that let you lock and unlock your car and the trunk by simply pressing simple lock and unlock buttons. It used to be that you needed to drive a key to car’s keyhole to open and close it, but with transponder keys, you can open your cars even when you’re some distance away from it. You can simply get car transponder keys from an auto locksmith.

So, how do transponder keys work? A transponder is really a short form for “transmitter” plus “responder” better known as the keyless entry. When you press a button on the key, it transmits signals to the car. The car then a car's transponder keyresponds according to the signal. The signal is actually emitted from the plastic head of the key. Like regular keys, your car will only respond to your transponder. And like regular keys, you should invest money in locksmiths that specialise in making transponder keys, just in case you lose the one you have right now. Now, why are recommending locksmiths instead of car dealerships? Because they are cheaper by $20 to $30.

Replacement Transponder keys are not cheap. If you live in Queensland, it could cost you from $88 to $100 or more. On the other hand, regular car keys cost only $3 to have a locksmith replace them. All transponder keys need to be programmed. While some dealerships do it for free, some will charge you one hour or 30 minutes of labor. If you don’t like paying someone to program your transponder keys, you can actually do it yourself with the right combination of presses on the button.

Just search for “how to program transponder keys” on Google or any other search engine.

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