Alloy Wheel Repair

You love your car and the alloy wheels really make a statement. Alloy wheels can really improve the appearance of a car. They can also help improve the performance. The wheel rims take a lot of abuse. They are constantly bombarded with stones, dust, and grit. These can scratch the surface of the wheels. When this happens, you may need to find an alloy repair specialists to make your wheels look good again. These repairs can be expensive, but if you care about the appearance of your car, it will be worth the investment.

alloy wheel repairThere are several elements to an alloy wheel repair. One of the items that can increase the cost is the type of material used. Most of these wheel rims are chrome and this material can be very expensive to repair. If you are trying to cut costs, you might want to consider something besides chrome. Less expensive materials can look just as nice, but save you money. Ordinary rims work just fine and may not even be as expensive to repair and maintain.

You also shouldn’t paint your wheel rims. This can add to your repair expenses, especially on alloy wheels. If you really like the colored wheel rims, order custom rims in the colors your want. When the rim is manufactured in color, they are less likely to be damaged and are more easily repaired. Painting a rim won’t last as long and the paint may be easily scratched or could peel or flake.

Another consideration in the cost of alloy rim repair is the size of the rim. Most add-on wheel rims fall between 20 and 21 inches. These are the best size to add to the appearance of your car. These sizes can cost much more than traditional rims and are usually more expensive to repair. Traditional rims are around 16 inches. These are much less expensive and less costly to repair. It is also more difficult to maintain a larger rim. They are more expensive to replace or repair and are more easily damaged since they are exposed to more road wear and tear. It is also harder to find fenders or mudguards to protect larger rims. This also makes the rims more prone to damage.

If you do decide to upgrade to larger wheel rims, be sure and upgrade your tires as well. Many people who choose custom or alloy wheel rims will use thinner tires. This may make the wheels look better or move the rims closer to the road, but it is not a good idea. If your tires are too small, you run a greater chance of hitting the rims against the pavement, especially on rough pavement or going over speed bumps. When this happens, your rims can experience severe “gutter rash” and be seriously dented.

There are some repairs that can be done yourself. Simple scratches or a bit of discoloration can be easy fixes. Purchase a allow wheel repair kit and see if you can do it yourself.

Alloy wheel repair can be very costly. If the repair is a simple one, you can attempt to do it yourself. If it is more complicated, you should hire a professional.